Mission – patriotpainalliance


 At Patriot Pain Alliance, we’re here to serve our brave military veterans and help them achieve the relief they deserve from chronic pain. Veterans are 40% more likely to experience severe chronic pain compared to non-veterans. The National Health Interview Survey revealed 65.5% of veterans experienced pain within the past 3 months. The fact that nearly 12 million US veterans are in physical pain is completely unacceptable.

Our co-founder, Adam Napolitano, has worked directly with veterans in the US healthcare system for over 10 years. Time and again, he has seen veterans continue to suffer in pain despite going through the “carousel” of traditional treatments. For many of these patriots, traditional options just aren’t enough.

That’s why our goal is to research, source, and produce cutting edge alternatives for relieving all types of chronic pain. We provide innovative solutions that help veterans achieve more permanent pain relief and improve the quality of their lives. Veterans face unique challenges due to military trauma, physical injuries, and PTSD. At Patriot Pain Alliance, our aim goes far beyond just pain relief. We believe in transforming lives and helping veterans all over America become healthier and happier.